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is a blog about design, technology and culture written by Khoi Vinh, and has been more or less continuously published since Enjoy Cheap Price Looking For Sale Online Womens Flat Heel 70714155001308 Chelsea Boots Marc OPolo Professional Cheap Online 9hMNQTYU4
in New York City. Khoi is currently Principal Designer at Adobe. Previously, Khoi was co-founder and CEO of FOOTWEAR Laceup shoes Sciusci Choice Cheap Online NgSDfv1Re
(acquired in 2013), Design Director of Printed leather sneakers Etro Cheap Sale How Much Sale Pay With Paypal fvhQ2
Online, and co-founder of the design studio Behavior, LLC. He is the author of “ How They Got There: Interviews ”and “ Light brown moccasins Tods Huge Surprise Free Shipping Outlet Countdown Package Sale Online jtyDC
: Grid Principles for Web Design,” and was named one of Fast Company’s “ Exclusive Sale Online Buy Cheap Popular Logomania heeled mules Blue Chiara Ferragni Outlet Original Visa Payment Cheap Online Free Shipping Low Price h0wTJRi4dA
in America.” Khoi lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with his wife and three children.

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Sicario 2 Director Won't Return for Sicario 3

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may happen but expect to see a different director at the helm. Denis Villeneuve directed the first to great critical success, but his commitments on prevented him from returning for the sequel. Stefano Sollima stepped in and handled which has done pretty well so far, all things considered. The hope is that a third entry will get made in the unlikely franchise. However, in a recent interview, Sollima has pretty much taken himself out of the running to tackle it and strongly suggests that there will be new blood in the director's chair.

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made his English language debut with Sicario 2 and it's his first movie for a big studio. Traditional thinking would dictate that he would be right in line to do the next movie, should it get the green light, but isn't a typical franchise. The first movie was a critical darling and very much stood on its own. Not only that, but it only made $84.9 million worldwide. That's not exactly a franchise number. And based on Sollima's comments, he's well aware that this isn't your typical series of movies and wants to see that continue with . Here's what he had to say about it.

Denis Villeneuve didn't necessarily rule out circling back to the franchise for a third entry. Though, he's going to be quite busy directing the reboot, which he has very ambitious plans for and is planning on doing it as a two-movie sci-fi epic. With that in mind, it looks like another director will get a shot at taking on the seedy world of drug cartels.

As it stands, has grossed $34.6 million worldwide working from a $35 million budget. That may not seem great, though the movie still has quite a few international territories to open in and should do decent in its second weekend at the box office. With that in mind, it's not terribly hard to imagine that Sony will try and squeeze at least one more movie out of this.

For what it's worth, a pretty clear path to was carved out at the end of the sequel. Whether or not Sony decides to follow that up remains to be seen. Then the question becomes, what director will step in and shepherd the finale of this trilogy? If the same pattern holds true, it probably won't be a big name, but feel free to speculate wildly for now. This news comes to us courtesy of Variety .

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James Gunn Tells Toxic Star Wars Fans to Seek Therapy

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Gundam Live-Action Movie Is Happening at Legendary

While there is clearly value in evaluating long-term trends, experimenters running long-term experiments must be cautious, as results may be due to the above pitfalls more than the true delta between the Treatment and Control. We hope our real examples and analyses will sensitize readers to the issues and encourage the development of new methodologies for this important problem.

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by Pavel Dmitriev and Xian Wu. CIKM 2016

You get what you measure, and you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Metrics are a powerful tool used in organizations to set goals, decide which new products and features should be released to customers, which new tests and experiments should be conducted, and how resources should be allocated. To a large extent, metrics drive the direction of an organization, and getting metrics “right” is one of the most important and difficult problems an organization needs to solve. However, creating good metrics that capture long-term company goals is difficult. They try to capture abstract concepts such as success , delight , loyalty , engagement , life-time value , etc. How can one determine that a metric is a good one? Or, that one metric is better than another? In other words, how do we measure the quality of metrics? Can the evaluation process be automated so that anyone with an idea of a new metric can quickly evaluate it? In this paper we describe the metric evaluation system deployed at Bing, where we have been working on designing and improving metrics for over five years. We believe that by applying a data driven approach to metric evaluation we have been able to substantially improve our metrics and, as a result, ship better features and improve search experience for Bing’s users.

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by Ron Kohavi and Roger Longbotham Appears in the Clearance Wide Range Of Womens Black Block OpenToe Heels EVANS Sale Low Shipping Popular Cheap Online lKz9Ypcrvt
, edited by Claude Sammut and Geoff Webb 2017

The internet connectivity of client software (e.g., apps running on phones and PCs), web sites, and online services provide an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate ideas quickly using controlled experiments, also called A/B tests, split tests, randomized experiments, control/treatment tests, and online field experiments. Unlike most data mining techniques for finding correlational patterns, controlled experiments allow establishing a causal relationship with high probability. Experimenters can utilize the Scientific Method to form a hypothesis of the form "If a specific change is introduced, will it improve key metrics?" and evaluate it with real users.

The theory of a controlled experiment dates back to Sir Ronald A. Fisher’s experiments at the Rothamsted Agricultural Experimental Station in England in the 1920s, and the topic of offline experiments is well developed in Statistics (Box 2005). Online Controlled Experiments started to be used in the late 1990s with the growth of the Internet. Today, many large sites, including Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! run thousands to tens of thousands of experiments each year testing user interface (UI) changes, enhancements to algorithms (search, ads, personalization, recommendation, etc.), changes to apps, content management system, etc. Online controlled experiments are now considered an indispensable tool, and their use is growing for startups and smaller websites. Controlled experiments are especially useful in combination with Agile software development (Martin 2008, Rubin 2012), Steve Blank’s Customer Development process (Blank 2005), and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) popularized by Eric Ries’s Lean Startup (Ries 2011).

Some of the comic/graphic novelillustration authors you might want to see:

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Did you know that luxury books on geographical topics and natural history, and some children’s books, had printed illustrations which were then coloured by hand but in Europe, none of the experimental techniques for true colour printing became widely used before the mid-19th century.

had printed illustrations which were then coloured by hand

Today, a book illustration could be designed in any technique and then printed. This style is very versatile and depends on the vision of the authour and the subject of the book. Illustrators try to create eye-catching covers in order to compete with the piles of books in bookshops. It is very specific style, which demandscatchingthe viewer’s attention, giving a hint ofwhat is inside the book and sometimes, it is the cover that sells the book (or publication).

Illustrators try to create eye-catching covers

Some of the book illustration authors you might want to see:

Illustration by Rlon Wang

While book and publication illustrations should be supporting and illuminating a certain idea, without stealing the show from the text, advertising type of illustration is meant to do just that – grab your attention and make a lasting impression on one big idea or brand/product. Many companies choose illustration as the medium to send their message to the audience, because the style better translates the idea than photography, for example.

advertising type of illustration is meant to do just that – grab your attention and make a lasting impression on one big idea or brand/product.

Some of the advertisingillustrations you might want to see:

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The rise of digital technologies in the latter half of 20th century allowed businesses to scale rapidly and become global. With unprecedented competition, packaging came to be the way of differentiating the product on the shelf. For some businesses such as jewelry, bakery, children’s products, illustration is the most successful choice. It offers personalized touch, elegance and custom feel.

It offers personalized touch, elegance and custom feel.

Some of the packagingillustrations you might want to see:

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Branding/Logo type of illustration is very specific style, requiring a certain set of skills. For example, a logo should be recognizable and readable at smaller sizes. Therefore, the illustrator should carefully plan the details of the logo. Logos should be simple, yet grabbing attention and memorable. Sometimes, businesses need more than a logo illustration, but mascots, cartoonized version of their employees or products. With their help, the brandsenhance their presence and impression on customers.


List augmenter that may contain other augmenters to apply in sequence or random order.

Apply in predefined order:

Apply in random order (note that the order is sampled once per batch and then the same for all images within the batch):

List augmenter that applies only some of its children to images.

Apply two of four given augmenters:

Apply 0 to <max> given augmenters (where <max> is automatically replaced with the number of children):

Pick two of four given augmenters and apply them in random order:

Augmenter that always executes exactly one of its children.

Apply one of four augmenters to each image:

Augment only p percent of all images with one or more augmenters.

Apply gaussian blur to about 50% of all images:

Apply gaussian blur to about 50% of all images. Apply a mixture of affine rotations and sharpening to the other 50%.

Apply child augmenters within a specific colorspace.

Convert images to HSV, then increase each pixels H-value by 10 to 50:

Apply child augmenters to specific channels.

Increase each pixel’s R-value (redness) by 10 to 100:

Rotate each image’s red channel by 0 to 45 degrees:

Augmenter that never changes input images (“no operation”).

Augmenter that calls a lambda function for each batch of input image.

Replace in every image each fourth row with black pixels:


Augmenter that runs an assert on each batch of input images using a lambda function as condition.

TODO examples

Augmenter to make assumptions about the shape of input image(s) and keypoints.

Check if each image in a batch has shape 32x32x3, otherwise raise an exception:

Check if each image in a batch has a height in the range 32<=x<64, a width of exactly 64 and either 1 or 3 channels:

Augmenter that scales/resizes images to specified heights and widths.

Scale each image to height=32 and width=64:

Scale each image to height=32 and keep the aspect ratio for width the same:

Scale each image to something between 50 and 100% of its original size:

Scale each image’s height to 50-75% of its original size and width to either 16px or 32px or 64px:

Augmenter that crops/pads images by defined amounts in pixels or percent (relative to input image size).

NOTE: This augmenter automatically resizes images back to their original size after it has augmented them. To deactivate this, add the parameter keep_size=False .

Crop or pad each side by up to 10 percent relative to its original size (negative values result in cropping, positive in padding):

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